Our Company

We grew up obsessing about and refurbishing antique and vintage luxury items in the basement of our father’s antique shop on Western Avenue in Hollywood. We learned from our grandfather, who made custom men’s suits by hand in the back of his Haberdashery on West Grand Boulevard in Detroit. We have watched, with disdain, as small runs have become mass-production, as domestic artisan craftsmanship morphed into an outsourcing free-for-all, as style went from true to garish, and as quality gradually ceased to be discussed. We remember when luxury goods grew richer and more luxurious with time and use, and when spending extra for something special meant you were buying something that would last forever.

Instead of watching things go in the wrong direction, we are helping them come back to truth. Our leather goods are of the highest quality in the world, bar-none. After tanning, each hide is meticulously selected and hand-cut for each individual item. Just as no two hides are the same, no two Parabellum products are exactly alike; while all are exquisite, each one is unique. We make all of our products by hand, in Los Angeles. No expense is spared, and absolutely no defects are accepted. All leather is hand-skived, all corners are hand-turned, and each and every item is individually numbered for identification and authenticity.

We believe that our Reservation Bison is the richest, softest, most complicated and most beautiful leather in the world. It is tanned in small batches, using old world techniques by true American Artisans. We use natural-tone; vegetable tanned Lamb Skin Linings to compliment the rugged beauty of our Bison. All of our leather goods are internally lined with Kevlar for strength and durability. And, most Parabellum products include laser-etched, Military Grade Ceramic hardware to perfectly contrast our leather, and to set our products on a level of true technological sophistication.

There was a time, not so long ago , when a man could buy a belt of such high quality that it would last a lifetime and be passed down to his children. We believe that time has finally returned.

Respect the Past / Live in the Present / Embrace the future